2017/18 Season Paragliding Ladder

The National Paragliding Ladder has been updated for the 2017/18 Season. You can find it here.

It includes the inter-season devaluation, the removal of visiting pilots who's memberships have lapsed and, most importantly, the results of the Linzhou Open, in China, that was nominated as an Overseas FAI Comp by a few pilots.

New Paragliding Competition Rules available for review

A new version (19) of the Paragliding Competition Rules has been created and is available for review. If there are no significant objections then these rules will become official on the 10th of August 2017.

You can download version 19 here

Staffing changes on the PCC

Cameron Kennedy's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and nature

Regretfully, 2 year incumbent PCC member, Cameron Kennedy has tendered his resignation to me from the PCC. Cameron needs the time to concentrate on becoming a commercial helicopter pilot.

We accept Cameron's resignation and thank him wholeheartedly for all the work that he has put into the PCC over the past two years.

After only limited coercion, Wayne Rohrs has agreed to join the PCC and the NZHGPA Executive have endorsed this. 

We genuinely welcome what Wayne can bring to us, not least his exceptional IT skills which are a much sought after commodity.

The other two members of the PCC: Johnny Hopper and Tim Brown, remain on the committee.

Thanks, Cameron, and welcome, Wayne.

Johnny Hopper

NZ Paragliding Competition Rule book now at version 18

Version 18 of the New Zealand Paragliding Competition Rule Book has been made official. The only changes were regarding the XC Championship which moved, today, to the xcontest.org/newzealand platform.

You can download the new rule book here

PCC solicits bids for next season's PG Open rounds

The PCC is now soliciting bids from potential organisers of next season's PG Open rounds.
We may have two rounds next year. If you are interested in organising a round then please contact the PCC on nzhgpapcc@googlegroups.com or you can contact Johnny Hopper directly.

Bids should be made before the 30th of May 2017.

NZ Paragliding Competition Rules updated to version 18

The National Paragliding Competition rule book has been updated to version 18, to reflect the impending switch over to XContest as the platform for the online Cross Country Competition.

These rules will go into effect from 1st April 2017.

You can download the review copy here

National PG Ladder Updated since Aussie Comps

The National PG Ladder has been updated and now includes the scores for pilots who nominated either, or both, of the recent AAA Comps in Aussie.

  • The Bright Open
  • The Corryong Open
Toni Skerret has done well and is rocketing up the ladder. Louis Tapper has also nailed it and has hopped Tim Brown to go into 4th place over all.

This will all change big time after the PG Open in Rotorua.

You can download the latest ladder here

National Paragliding Ladder - Updated since Southern Comp

The National Paragliding Ladder has been updated to reflect the results of the recent Regional Paragliding Competition in Wanaka, by the Southern Club.

You can find it here.