NZ Paragliding Competition Rules updated to version 18

The National Paragliding Competition rule book has been updated to version 18, to reflect the impending switch over to XContest as the platform for the online Cross Country Competition.

These rules will go into effect from 1st April 2017.

You can download the review copy here

National PG Ladder Updated since Aussie Comps

The National PG Ladder has been updated and now includes the scores for pilots who nominated either, or both, of the recent AAA Comps in Aussie.

  • The Bright Open
  • The Corryong Open
Toni Skerret has done well and is rocketing up the ladder. Louis Tapper has also nailed it and has hopped Tim Brown to go into 4th place over all.

This will all change big time after the PG Open in Rotorua.

You can download the latest ladder here

National Paragliding Ladder - Updated since Southern Comp

The National Paragliding Ladder has been updated to reflect the results of the recent Regional Paragliding Competition in Wanaka, by the Southern Club.

You can find it here.

National Paragliding Ladder Updated

The National Ladder has been updated, and a few pilots have moved up as a result of flying in the recent Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition.

You can find the latest ladder here

NZ PG Open in Rotorua - Reminder

A reminder to register for the NZ PG Open in Rotorua (26th February - 4th March 2017) if you haven't already.

We've had strong interest from both NZ and international pilots and over 70% of the available places are now filled.

Go to to reserve your spot and we'll see you up there!